We are living in an era where children are taking over with the styling!
We are taking over with the styling !
House of Juniors wanted to share with you some of the coolest stylist kids who have really set a trend with how they have styled HOJ!
Bella blew us away with how she styled house of juniors AW19 collection
Bella absolutely rocked the fashion scene when she bravely reversed the white Juniors Fur and turned it from unique to out of this world. Bella and her stylist  are certainly ones to make a statement, timelessly.
Bella is one of Europe's most influential fashionist she is currently working for many brands around the globe and is becoming famous on social media for her modelling and amazing trends! Behind Bella is one of Europe's biggest stylist Eugene from Instyle kids ! If your shopping for the little juniors Instyle kids makes it seem so easy, some of the best brands and the how he styles is amazing just look at Bella !
Find Bella on instagram h Instagram 
Check out Bella stylist page
One of our favourite youngsters killing the fashion scene is Zoe.
Zoe’s unique, but trendy looks makes her a dominant figure in child’s fashion. Originated in Canada, Zoe and her mother are pioneering the way for urban and luxury children’s clothing brands, including of course, House Of Juniors.

With their collection of brands, it is clear to see how they are crafting an extreme, authentic input of the fashion world, because all of their pieces serve the most unique looks. Brace yourselves for a new aspect of fashion, from reversing illustrated fur to layering in absolute style.

To see more of Zoe please see her Instagram
We asked Zoe Mum for some feedback on House of Juniors !
We were so happy to work with House of Juniors! We love the edgy street style that defines the brand, mimicking many adult styles but remembering the playfulness of kids. 

The Illustration tee/dress was one of our favourite pieces. We loved the graphic nature of the print, also seen on the inner lining of the black fur coat, and the versatility of the pieces make it an amazing addition to anyone looking to build a fashion forward wardrobe for their little ones. 

One of the other pieces we fell in love with is the raincoat, both functional and practical yet still maintaining its standout style with the see through material accented with the black piping. 

Overall House of Juniors is one of those brands that will be a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

They bring style and creativity to the forefront of their designs while maintaining a feel of luxury with the cuts and use of their fabrics. This is definitely a brand to be on the look out for!

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