The Street Art Movement

The Street Art Movement

The popularity and understanding of street art has been increasing throughout the last couple of decades. This movement is poignant for highlighting the intertwinement between art and fashion. So of course, we had to reflect the major moment this edgy trend is having in the fashion industry through our new AW20 Collection. 

In this era of self-expression, clothing has moved beyond just its practicality and into revealing more about people and culture. Street art acts as the most visual and public art in our society but it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. For years, graffiti was viewed as a product of working class rebels vandalising public space illegally, making it arguably the most controversial form of art. The narrative has evolved since as these social messages and murals are now more commonly referred to as street art.

What was once viewed as a lawless form of communication is now being embraced and celebrated by the fashion industry. Street art inspired collections have been seen on the catwalks of high end fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Moschino and Alexander Wang to name a few. A collaboration that particularly stands out within our minds is that between Louis Vuitton and New York artist Stephen Sprouse in 2001. The neon graffiti monogram was ground-breaking as one of the world’s most famous fashion brands was accepting this form of expression as art instead of vandalism. It was an exciting new direction for the brand that notoriously never strayed from their infamous LV monogram.

T-shirts have been the epicentre of streets art movement into the fashion industry. T-shirts have been a fashion staple for years. So, it seems only right that these designs and messages from street artists end up on our t-shirts. Our new AW20 Collection offers high quality graphic prints in vibrant retro pink and blue. The vibrant prints encased in a sharp black border gives the free hand graffiti effect as though they’ve came straight off of the walls of Shoreditch onto your t-shirt. You cannot go wrong following this trend of art meets fashion as we don’t see it going anywhere any time soon! 

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