Fabrics and Sustainability

Fabrics and Sustainability

When deciding on which fabrics we want to use in order to bring our designs to life here at House of Juniors, sustainability is at the forefront of our minds. We are extremely aware that our fabrics are being worn and setting the example for our children, the future caretakers of Mother Earth. The fast fashion industry is extremely harmful to the environment and that is why our goal is to bring art to life through luxury, affordable pieces to ensure we are doing our part to safeguard the planet. The fabrics we use are essential in adopting this sustainable mind-set as they impact the longevity and quality of our products to help minimise wastage.  


A big part of our AW20 Collection this year are our beautiful organic and faux fur pieces. In our eyes, a faux fur piece can take an outfit to a whole new level of luxury. For us at HOJ, we like to emphasize that the use of animal fur in the fashion industry is unacceptable and completely unnecessary given the alternatives available to us. All of gorgeous fur pieces are 100% vegan faux fur, heavy-weighted and brilliantly soft. Our garments provide all the layering you need in the winter months and will guarantee you plenty of warmth!   


One of our most loved fabrics we have featured in our Autumn/Winter 2020 collection is our 100% cotton French Terry. Characterised by its soft and smooth knit fabric, similar to jersey, it is easily recognizable by its large loops of yarn either side of the fabric. The use of cotton in the fashion industry including French Terry is highly sustainable as a naturally occurring fibre alongside its biodegradable abilities. 


We believe this material is perfect for our illustrated graphic tees, joggers and hoodies. A knit fabric similar to jersey, this material is mid-weight, ensuring maximum levels of cosiness and warmth in the colder months. French Terry is our fabric of choice also for its versatility. Although heavier than your typical garment, the French Terry cloth wicks allow for moisture to be absorbed quickly and ultimate breathability allowing our items to also be suitable for warmer weather. It was important for us to bring you luxury quality pieces that can be worn all year round whatever the weather. This fabric ensures just that! The permeable qualities of French Terry mean our garments can be worn during any activity from lounging to the gym! 


The longevity of our clothing here at House of Juniors is of big significance to us! We want our products to be in your wardrobes for years to come, reducing wastage and looking as fresh as when they were first purchased. The French Terry fabric helps us in this mission through its low-maintenance status. We love that this material doesn’t wrinkle easily as a knit fabric and can be washed at home with no need for dry cleaning. A material that doesn’t stretch when it comes in contact with moisture, our clothing is designed to never shrink in the wash or lose its shape! For the best results, we recommend washing our garments in cold water and tumble dry on low heat.  

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Fabrics and Sustainability
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