Puma x You x HOJ

Puma x You x HOJ

Putting the strange year that was 2020 behind us, we at House of Juniors are kicking off 2021 with some big news! We are preparing for an incredible new collaboration with one of the largest sports fashion brands in the world…PUMA! Our manifesto really is to encourage children to express themselves through their wardrobes and discover their flare for fashion. Working closely with Puma’s iconic Fifth Avenue Store in the concrete jungle of New York City, we’re taking kids from fashion lovers to fashion designers. This is an opportunity for our kids to harness their creativity and have a key role in the design process of our luxury clothing. We will make sure that wherever their imagination takes them that its fashionable always!


This year, we’re preparing for two major drops that you don’t want to miss. Firstly, we have ‘Creative Touch’. This drop is encouraging our kids to explore the manufacturing process of the garments. Our luxury black hoodies and white t-shirts sold in the Puma Fifth Avenue flagship store will also come with a tool kit that includes: needles, coloured threads, blank pocket patches and pre-designed pocket patches. Catering to both our boys and girls the toolkit encompasses an array of colours and designs we are certain everyone will love! An aspect of this drop that we really love is that the toolkits can be taken home and used again and again. We don’t want this experience for our kids to be a one-time thing. We want our little fashion designers to keep creating and expressing!


We also have our ‘Sketch it’ drop coming soon, again available in the Fifth Avenue Store! The purchase of our monochrome hoodies and t-shirts comes with a toolkit of felt tip pens in a multitude of colours. The power of colour is something we have loved to explore here at House of Juniors and is highlighted in the vibrancy of our garments in our past and present collections. With this drop, again we are letting our kids roam free and instead of encouraging them NOT to draw on their clothes we’re doing the complete opposite…oops! This is an exciting way for our kids to discover their artistic side and break the rules for a moment. We can’t wait to see what they come up with! Once again, this toolkit can go home with you and you can see what else your child conjures up on one of their old t-shirts.


This unique collaboration is encouraging our kids to harness their creative freedom and experiment with designs, colours and really decide what they would want to wear. We’re at in integral point in the fashion world where brands and designers want to hear from our kids. We want to know where their imagination goes, their ideas, their likes and dislikes. Our one of a kind partnership with Puma is highlighting our desire for fresh and young ideas. After all our kids are the future of fashion!


Unfortunately, 2020 disrupted our opportunity to travel to New York City and meet our incredible partners at Puma. Our plan alongside these drops was to also host workshops for our kids to help them with their exploration of the design process. Hopefully, this year we can manage to make our way across the pond (fingers crossed for us all) and we will finally get to work with our young designers. 2021 is a big year for us here at House of Juniors and we’re so excited for our ideas to come to life and for you all to see this exclusive collaboration!

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Puma x You x HOJ
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