House Of Juniors was founded in 2019 when a gap was found in the children fashion market. It was clear to see that there wasn’t enough focus on children’s clothing that was fun and expressive. So that’s where House Of Juniors came in. Our aim was to make fashion exciting for kids, allowing them to express themselves through street fashion, focusing on impactful colourful Colours and extravagant oversized pieces. These days fashion is unfortunately focused on brand names and trends and we just wanted to make style more original and timeless.

House Of Juniors is a luxury children's clothing brand created in the UK and crafted in the EU, South America and China. We are a very limited brand with only two seasonal drops each year. Our seasonal drops include both a boys, girls and unisex collection for each season.

Our brand collaborates each collection with children, this is because we want the children to have their say on their style. So how do we collaborate with the children you may wonder… The design team reaches out to young people aged 5-16 and request exciting artwork to publish and the design team then italicise every intricate detail in order to develop unique illustrated prints and silhouettes. All of the designs are extracted with their inspiration to collide art with fashion of course! This helps the children see how far their imagination and work can flourish. Not only does this inspire them but it also opens up their minds to see further than just pen and paper.

As a children’s brand we enjoy hosting art workshops, whether these are in- person or virtually. The workshops provide children with an educator to introduce them to the art world and allow them to unleash their inner artistic streak. The children actively contribute and deliver feedback as to where their vision and imagination went, it strengthens their engagement and empowers them to collaborate with us again.

House Of Juniors’ aim was to create a brand which children can be a part of both before and after garments are made!
Our collections include our iconic fur coats, jackets, tracksuits, t-shirts, trousers, skirts, shorts, dresses, alongside accessories including hats, glasses, socks and more.

After 3 eventful years in the fashion industry, House Of Juniors has managed to collaborate with huge influential sportswear brands such as Puma. We have also made our way to some of the biggest children fashion icons such as The Combs Twins, Stormi Webster, Sophia Pippen and many more. We look forward to what the future brings and keep a look out for what’s coming up!

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