So what’s next for the House of Juniors team? we have partnered with sports brand PUMA to produce a creative commissioned design collaboration that has just dropped in the UK online and is soon to  reach stores  across France, Germany, Ireland and America.

This collaboration aims to involve children in the design process and really embed the idea of being unique. By providing them with the item of clothing and a creator kit such as coloured thread or fabric pens the children will be able to customise their product and make it their own. The success of this has pushed House of Juniors to create an adult collection just for the Puma collaboration, so don't worry, your children won't be the only ones looking stylish!

House of Juniors has designed a number of white-coloured clothing items, including T-shirts, for children. Each item of clothing comes with a set of different coloured fabric pens which children can use to complete their individual designs and showcase their style with pride! The perfect gift for budding fashion designers!

 So firstly we have our ‘Sketch it’ drop again available in the Fifth Avenue Store! & now available online in the UK. The purchase of our monochrome hoodies and t-shirts comes with a toolkit of felt tip pens in a multitude of colours.

The power of colour is something we have loved to explore here at House of Juniors and is highlighted in the vibrancy of our garments in our past and present collections.

With this drop, again we are letting our kids roam free and instead of encouraging them NOT to draw on their clothes we’re doing the complete opposite…oops!

This is an exciting way for our kids to discover their artistic side and break the rules for a moment. We can’t wait to see what they come up with! Once again, this toolkit can go home with you and you can see what else your child conjures up on one of their old t-shirts.

We also have ‘Creative Touch’. This drop is encouraging our kids to explore the manufacturing process of the garments. Our luxury black hoodies and white t-shirts sold in the Puma Fifth Avenue flagship store will also come with a tool kit that includes: needles, coloured threads, blank pocket patches and pre-designed pocket patches. Catering to both our boys and girls the toolkit encompasses an array of colours and designs we are certain everyone will love! An aspect of this drop that we really love is that the toolkits can be taken home and used again and again. We don’t want this experience for our kids to be a one-time thing. We want our little fashion designers to keep creating and expressing!

Shop the House of Juniors collections  https://uk.puma.com/uk/en/puma-x-you-diy-kits or visit @houseofjuniors for more information on new collections and collaborations.

Check out PUMA’s new Sketch Kit designed for any young creative and in collaboration with House of Junior’s. Tutorial hosted by RandomBeezy. Available at PUMA NYC and PUMA.com.