House of Juniors is brand inspired by kids, for kids. This notion is reflected by our unique AW19 Collection which was influenced by a selection of imaginative children’s designs and art projects in the style of Shepard Fairey and Banksy. We were especially interested in the artistic projects surrounding Shepard Fairy and Bansky as both are a part of the street art movement which heavily influence our collection. In addition, the artistic works of Banksy and Shepard Fairy are particularly inspiring because as-well as being aesthetically pleasing, their work also has a social impact in that they use art as a mode of communication to highlight contemporary social issues.  

In a similar way, our aim with ‘House of Juniors’ is to encourage children to freely express themselves through artistic projects and reflect their efforts onto clothing they can wear. Through this we hope to become a pioneer in children’s clothing in that we don’t just provide clothes for children, our clothes also champion the creative capabilities of children. We believe it is important that a kid’s clothing brand has some collaboration with children, as they will ultimately wear the clothes, and so deserve to have an influence in the creative process. We accomplished this by organising children’s workshops and implemented their artwork into our final collection. It was a great success! 


Our monochromatic colour scheme took inspiration from Shepard Fairey’s OBEY poster, we also developed a lot of stencil work in the style of the sharp lines and shapes commonly associated with graphic street art. The children also produced art projects based around Pablo Picasso’s Iconic works; ‘The Weeping Woman’ and ‘The Woman in a Hat and Fur Collar’. From these drawings and designs, our design team incorporated more abstract illustrations and fur elements into our collection. This again highlights our brand’s philosophy in that we like to take inspiration from children to create our collections.


As entrepreneurs we’ve always wanted to create a brand that is truly unique and stands apart from the rest. We believe that branding is much more than a visual process, it begins with that spark; something that moves you to share your message out there with the world. Our message is that when creating a children’s product, one should visualise their creation from a child’s perspective. By directly inputting our children’s artwork into fashion and working with children on Art Projects, it’s clear that from conception to completion we have the child’s vison in mind. This ideal was exemplified by the success of our final collection and will continue to do so each season!